62 Commits (trunk)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Kevin Hoerr 2b59704ee4
Update dependencies to suppress MongoClient output 3 weeks ago
  Kevin Hoerr 08518d03b4
Prepare repository for 0.4.3 release 1 month ago
  Kevin Hoerr a836f1de4c
Fix templates not properly injecting context 1 month ago
  Kevin Hoerr 6de9107d3d
Fix CHANGELOG version number 1 month ago
  Kevin Hoerr 00ee6f4991
Add TSDoc and TypeDoc to handle documentation 1 month ago
  Kevin Hoerr fd2013a7bf
Refactor startup to passthrough values 1 month ago
  Kevin Hoerr 32db5f6e5e
Add unit tests and correct CHANGELOG 1 month ago
  Kevin Hoerr 051ff1871a
#11 Handle unknown paths with 404 page 1 month ago
  Kevin Hoerr 8b70567b94
Handle promise errors in handleStartup 1 month ago
  Kevin Hoerr ddecabba54
These changes moved a lot of the startup async to run in a streamlined 1 month ago
  Kevin Hoerr ee068fcbf0
Upgrade packages and fix express type change 1 month ago
  Kevin Hoerr 4005a847d1
Update jest to 25.1 3 months ago
  Kevin Hoerr b35dbb4fb5
Prepare repository for 0.4.1 release 3 months ago
  Kevin Hoerr c4a9574503
Fix styling for mobile/smaller displays 3 months ago
  Kevin Hoerr d57ec36972
Prepare repository for 0.4.0 release 3 months ago
  Kevin Hoerr 5fa41a15f8
#2 Add CSS, favicon for landing page 3 months ago
  Kevin Hoerr cbcbeb40af
Update packages to latest 3 months ago
  Kevin Hoerr c7ebf8009e
#8 Add router unit tests using supertest 4 months ago
  Kevin Hoerr edfdc5cfcf
#9 Use SILENT in bash, more explicit verbosity 4 months ago
  Kevin Hoerr 309e12033b
Move template files to subfolder 5 months ago
  Kevin Hoerr 5f99b8e36d
Add index.html template with route for integration 5 months ago
  Kevin Hoerr 21cc6c9748
#5 Add more descriptive output to bash script 5 months ago
  Kevin Hoerr 16552bc9ff
Prepare repository for 0.3.3 release 5 months ago
  Kevin Hoerr b56ca50824
#4 Lower brightness of generated report badges 5 months ago
  Kevin Hoerr 6fc3620be4
AOC-3 Catch promise rejections in POST request 5 months ago
  Kevin Hoerr c6fa73e1a3
Prepare repository for 0.3.2 release 5 months ago
  Kevin Hoerr 15930182a7
Use nullish-coalescing op for env var assignments 5 months ago
  Kevin Hoerr bc549648b3
Fix color matcher for inbetween step values 5 months ago
  Kevin Hoerr 6087e80f82
Add changes based on unit tests to CHANGELOG 5 months ago
  Kevin Hoerr 22417cc4cb
Add unit tests for util/config.ts 5 months ago
  Kevin Hoerr 91efa5ab51
Simplify and generalize template processing 5 months ago
  Kevin Hoerr 0d810aa92e
Add ts-jest to improve TS coverage reports 5 months ago
  Kevin Hoerr efd9095988
Prepare repository for 0.3.1 release 5 months ago
  Kevin Hoerr 0f7e9dddb3
Finish developing unit tests for formats, logger 5 months ago
  Kevin Hoerr 3ae4f9352e
Add Jest to handle unit and integration testing 5 months ago
  Kevin Hoerr e51ba62205
Prepare repository for 0.3.0 release 5 months ago
  Kevin Hoerr 5090797f19
Add multi-stage dockerfile as node:alpine image 5 months ago
  Kevin Hoerr efab55d4c8
Fix reported license and update changelog 5 months ago
  Kevin Hoerr 4595d0a97a
Relicense project under the Parity Public License 5 months ago
  Kevin Hoerr 85d646880e
Add template process to serve bash file 5 months ago
  Kevin Hoerr 05204ed469
Add linting to project using Eslint 5 months ago
  Kevin Hoerr d61e599a02
Enable source maps and incremental builds 5 months ago
  Kevin Hoerr 97fc58671f
Change start script to start:dev with watcher 5 months ago
  Kevin Hoerr d57a113090
Promisify data flow in POST request 5 months ago
  Kevin Hoerr 90424d59e7
Use HeadIdentifier as reference for file retrieval 5 months ago
  Kevin Hoerr 3205965afb
Overhaul error handling for controllers 5 months ago
  Kevin Hoerr ad627b0c6b
Prepare repository for 0.2.0 release 5 months ago
  Kevin Hoerr 08c5e49260
Move from branch to repository document in MongoDB 5 months ago
  Kevin Hoerr 413c6004b3
Refactor routes into separate file 5 months ago
  Kevin Hoerr e499e3dc34
Add winston, express-winston to handle logging 5 months ago